This is what the COVENANT MISSION is doing in Colombia

Working together with the Covenant Church of Colombia in planting new churches and ministries that reach all contexts of life—traditional and non traditional, urban and rural contexts—that have a missionary vision, that are contextualized with society and culture and that are self-governing and self-sustaining.

Cooperating with the Covenant of Colombia in the formation and development of its ministers and leaders to be disciples of Jesus Christ, ministers of the Word and leaders of all age groups who minister in the Covenant, the community and in the world.

Joining the Covenant of Colombia in discovering, developing, strengthening and extending ministries of compassion, justice and mercy.

Developing healthy work and ministry relationships with the Covenant of Colombia in our shared areas of ministry.

Partnering with the Covenant of Colombia, the Covenant world-wide and other Christian and non-Christian organizations in the equipping, training and promotion of mission outreach both within Colombia and beyond its borders.

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